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About Us

Aero Biotek was formed in response to ongoing concerns for the need for clean, sanitized air in enclosed places where people gather. Our first product introduction is Biotek Shield. Biotek Shield ensures clean air by neutralizing airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, using proven UVC light. Biotek Shield is the first in a planned line of products that effectively addresses the problem of airborne pathogens inside aircraft.

Rick Estes

As President and CEO of Aero Biotek, Rick directs the company focus and drives technological innovations as well as future projects. Rick is also an electrical engineer with decades of experience innovating new hardware and software for a variety of industries. Rick’s background also includes the development and expansion of numerous start-up companies.

Ryan Estes

Ryan serves as Chief Consulting Biologist for Aero Biotek. A recent graduate of Kansas State University, Ryan has a degree in Biology with minors in Genomics and Biotechnology. Ryan has also conducted research in fungal community ecology, utilizing molecular techniques. He has also co-authored a paper on the subject of plant evolution, that is pending publication. Ryan will be consulting with BSL-3 labs for testing as well as conducting research for additional proprietary information.